Chin surgery

Cirugía del mentón

This is a small surgical procedure in which the chin is individually reshaped (reduction or augmentation). A very pronounced chin can be unsightly. With chin surgery, the face regains its harmonious proportions. This operation does not alter the alignment of teeth or dentures. For this reason, it is only practiced on patients who have completely developed their jaws. Before the operation, the conjunction of denture and dental alignment of the jaw is evaluated. It will be necessary to know beforehand if the real cause is an excessively developed skeleton or is caused by dental misalignment.

This intervention is performed under local anesthesia. Since the incision is made between the lip and the lower denture, no scar will be seen. It is of great importance for us not to use silicone dentures. Between five and eight days after the operation, a dressing is placed on the chin and the stitches are removed after ten days. The results will be visible three to five months later.

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