Bone transplants

Trasplantes óseos

In cases such as the insertion of dental implants or in major jaw operations, you can benefit from our extensive experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery: our team masters all the techniques required to perform bone transplants, sinus elevation or dental nerve transposition. Peri-implant surgery (alteration of the bones and/or the oral mucosa before and after the placement of implants) is of special relevance in our clinic. Periodontitis is an enemy to any implant. In this sense, the best prevention is the previous cleaning of the area to be operated. By means of a special “recall” procedure, our patients will enjoy the treatment for a long time. Normally, in an own transplant, bone mass is extracted from the iliac crest which will later be implanted in the jaw to close the gaps or defects. In this same procedure, it is also possible to correct the transposition of nerves in the jaw or to adapt and strengthen the maxillary sinus if necessary (maxillary sinus elevation, maxillary distraction, bone-splitting, etc.)

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